If you feel Ill, have been in contact with someone who has COVID-19 please do not schedule an appointment.

You must come to your appointment alone. The only individual allowed in the treatment room is the person being serviced, no extra person(s) allowed. 

when you arrive for your appointment please wait in your car  and text 614-425-8379 . I will let you know when you can come in.

upon entrance, your temperature will be taken and you will be asked to wash your hands. 


Ms. Dominique D. Louis LE

Becoming a beauty professional requires an investment of your time and money. Therefore, I chose to attend The Salon Schools Group located in Columbus, Ohio. I completed my Esthetician program in July of 2016. I later received my Managing Esthetician License from the Ohio Board of Cosmetology the following month, August 2016heart.


I chose to become a Esthetician because beauty is where my heart is. I love anything and everything "beauty" ! I love giving makeovers and educating people on healthy skin. Providing beauty needs in my opinion is a area that will assist with self love and appreciating who you are, and loving yourself, flaws and all,  because you're worth it.

  • Member, Associated Skin Care Professionals
  • 614-425-8379
  • 7333 E livingston ave,
  • Columbus,
  • OH
  • 430668